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TAC2 - DISCREET CARRY AR15/M16 KIT - This is a "no tools required", barrel changing system, designed to work on your current AR15/M16 rifle/carbine (mil-spec upper receiver threads ONLY). The system is designed to use a low-profile gas block, and allows your AR15/M16 to be broken down into three major components, for quick barrel changes, as well as covert concealment (DISCREET CARRY), or storage. A 16-inch barreled AR15/M16, with a collapsible stock, red dot sight, and two 30 rd. mags. can be carried in something as small as a briefcase. Full assembly and loading to firing condition can be accomplished in less than 30 seconds, with ease. This conversion replaces the existing barrel nut and fore end. Kit includes: QC (Quick Change) Barrel nut and lock plate, a 7-inch or 12-inch free float fore-end, fore-end lock ring, all made from 6061 T6 Aircraft aluminum, and black anodized. Carbon Fiber fore-end and Briefcase with foam insert offered as options. Multiple barrel systems require an additional Lock Plate for each barrel, which must be purchased separately. All this is accomplished for a third of the cost of similar systems, and we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. Normal change out of an AR15/M16 barrel requires several specialized tools, a vise, and about 30-45 minutes to accomplish. This system requires a one-time replacement of the original barrel nut with the QC barrel nut, and then barrel change out is done with hands only in less than 30 seconds. Gunsmith installation is recommended for initial conversion, however, most anyone with basic mechanical skills, and the proper tools can accomplish the task in less than an hour. Once conversion is completed, deployment is simple: 1. Open the briefcase, and remove the barrel and receiver unit. 2. Open the bolt, and insert the barrel into the upper receiver. While holding the barrel into the upper receiver, release the bolt. 3. Remove the fore-end tube from the briefcase and slide it over the barrel and screw tightly onto the barrel nut. 4. Extend the stock, chamber a cartridge, and your AR is ready for action.

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